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Date: September 2020


Reviewed By Andy & Leslie
When I think "The Mick Brasserie" my first thought is Victoria's Secret and my second thought is some sort of dark wood paneled Irish poser bar. But lo and behold The Mick is neither. I did have to look up the definition of brasserie and realized there would be beer, but not served by bra models. The Mick in this case, is a reference to McCormick Ranch and it certainly is an excellent Ranch Ambassador. read more


Reviewed By Andy & Leslie
We have now had about a dozen visits to Twisted Grove since our first visit Summer 2020. They all varied from date nights to casual drinks on the patio. Twisted Grove is a versatile restaurant. If you want casual, grab a seat at the bar or out on the patio and you will be delighted. Have a fancy date planned? Make a reservation and get a cozy booth indoors. read more


Reviewed By Andy & Leslie
How about a fun date night! The waterfront at Tempe Town Lake is pretty happening, even after dark. When we arrived it was a bit confusing because the parking area was packed and people were heading in 10 different directions. We assumed that there was a parking lot for the specific activity we were focused on, and that was not the case. People show up to the town lake to then rent scooters and cruise along the river, or wander into town on foot, or venture to the water for a quick paddle about. read more