Twisted Grove Parlor + Bar - Common Ground Culinary

Reviewed By: Andy & Leslie
We have now had about a dozen visits to Twisted Grove since our first visit Summer 2020. They all varied from date nights to casual drinks on the patio. Twisted Grove is a versatile restaurant. If you want casual, grab a seat at the bar or out on the patio and you will be delighted. Have a fancy date planned? Make a reservation and get a cozy booth indoors.

Ambience: The ambience varies from where you place your butt, but in general it has a clean, upscale feel, with contemporary decor and the lighting just dim enough to set the mood. There is a fair amount of noise and activity, with servers working diligently from table to table. This is not a candle-lit soft jazz date night, but a fun, ate great food and didn't break the bank date-night.

Quality: As the other Common Ground Culinary restaurants will attest to, top quality and consistency is to be expected. We have sampled a large percentage of the menu and as usual I forget to take photos of the food. Probably because we start with drinks and in the most recent scenario I had the Sazerac from their libations menu. Forget taking photos, that drink was good! From the starters we have had the Salmon Poke (served with chips, a fun sharable), French Onion Soup, Charred Brussels Sprouts and Noble Bread Service. The Twisted Noodle Salad is a favorite as is the French Dip, Wild Mushroom Papparadelle and Cavatelli Carbonara. Don't forget a side of the Pamesean-Garlic Frites which go great with everything.

Service: Always exceptional at Twisted Grove. The Common Grounds restaurants drop the card on the table when you get seated. It immediately alerts the servers to get you started. Rarely will a glass run dry or a dirty plate be left sitting in front of you. I have no idea if it is served with a smile because they are still in mask mode ;)

Value: The price can add up if you appetize and work your way through the menu. The cocktails are slightly steep for their size, but should definitely be part of your outing. Expect to pay shy of $80 per couple for dinner and drinks.

We continue to go back again and again, which is a great sign that a restaurant is doing things right. While they also have some great desserts, there is also their sibling bakery/ice cream parlor (Sweet Provisions) just a hop across the parking lot worth checking out. And if you live anywhere near McCormick Ranch you can always take the bike path so you can burn some calories on your way home!