The Mick Brasserie - Scottsdale

Reviewed By: Andy & Leslie
When I think "The Mick Brasserie" my first thought is Victoria's Secret and my second thought is some sort of dark wood paneled Irish poser bar. But lo and behold The Mick is neither. I did have to look up the definition of brasserie and realized there would be beer, but not served by bra models. The Mick in this case, is a reference to McCormick Ranch and it certainly is an excellent Ranch Ambassador.

At our first visit to The Mick we had table visits by both John and Chef Brent, the co-owner duo that thought up a very unique dining experience.  As it turned out, our server was also from Colorado and very excited to chat with us about Evergreen.  Our second visit was just an impulsive visit, trying to get out of the house, and thought we would drop by our new neighborhood find.  Sadly, the door was locked, but as soon as John saw us wipe our tears and turn to leave, he unlocked the door and invited us in to try new menu items and give some honest feedback. This is the welcoming feel you get at The Mick.

Ambience: The Mick is the absolute opposite of the Irish Bar I imagined. The walls are white and the decor is clean with purpose. The artwork adds to the travel vibe that you will hopefully experience while eating. The lighting is a bit bright and the music volume varies by the mood of the staff, but always at a level you can comfortably converse with your table mates. The outdoor area is charming and has a variety of seating to accommodate a romantic night out for two, or a gathering for the whole family.

Quality: The food and plating is exceptional, and consistently so. The menu items are unique, and while they tend to be French inspired, Chef Brent has brought unique twists to many. Expect items such as Duck Confit, Pork Bahn Mi, Au Gratin Potatoes, Steak Tartare, Rack of Lamb, Avocado/Crab Tartine, Ratatouille, Flatbreads and Warm Cauliflower Salad. As sophisticated as some of these dishes sound, The Mick presents them as everyday dishes; food for the people. The Beer and Wine selections are excellent. There are always a large number of microbrews on-tap and an excellent selection of wines. The food selection is diverse enough you don't have to leave those vegans and vegetarians out of the dinner invite.

Service: The servers at The Mick are always energized, positive and professional. They have an in-house sommelier who can help you compliment your food order if needed and tastings are not out of the question. We did get the "food auctioning" when a food runner would not know who ordered what at our table ("so who had the crudo?"). Not the worst thing on the planet, just trying to think up some cons;) The place can also get unexpectedly overrun with customers which can cause occasional delays.

Value: Here is where The Mick shines. There are no places in town (that I know of) where I could order escargot (as just one example), where it is presented in an unpretentious way, be shockingly delicious, and not break the bank. If food items like Duck Confit, Foie Gras or Pate make you inadvertently scrunch your face up like a grossed out 5 year old, then it may be time to try them again. They even have a Foie Gras mousse on the dessert menu!

In Summary, a dinner out at The Mick will be a special experience you can have on a regular Tuesday. Eat fabulous food without maxing out your credit card. The dress is casual and the arrogance is minimal at The Mick.  From the greeting to the goodbyes and everything in between, you will be treated like an old friend.  We can always use new friends, right?