Fat Ox

Reviewed By: Leslie & Andy
Upon arrival to Scottsdale, we were in the midst of lockdown.  It was 115 degrees outside, Andy was out of town, and I only had a cat to entertain me.  So I flipped on Food Network (as I am wont to do in times of desperation... or just general boredom) and came across "The Best Thing I Ever Ate."  This is a show where the Food Network chefs tell you about their favorite menu items at their favorite restaurants.  Just my luck if one of them didn't mention a restaurant right around the corner from us, Fat Ox! (I know that reads like some new slang I learned from the kids on social media. Fat Ox is the name of the restaurant.) Well, I broke out my trusty phone and called Andy immediately. Just kidding. I added it to a running list of restaurants we want to try around town.  Let me tell you, Fat Ox did not disappoint.

Ambience: The restaurant is well laid out, decorated modernly and minimally, but very warm and welcoming. We chose a table outside and the patio was very comfortable.  There were plenty of heaters (note it is cold at night in March) and greenery to help block some of the road noise.  As it was near dark when we arrived, the servers lit candles on the tables to provide some light and mood.  I will note that once the sun went down, the patio was fairly dark.  They could use a main light or better table lanterns to help diners see what they are stabbing on their plates.  More on that later...

Quality: The menu is set up to create a dining experience.  There are appetizers and pastas that are meant to be shared.  Entrees, sides, and desserts for an individual diner or shareable depending on how hungry you are.  You should come hungry, very hungry.  Andy and I chose the Veal Meatballs (highly recommended on the Food Network), Papparadelle, Burrata Caramelle, Garganelli, and the Banana Tiramisu.  We were not terribly hungry upon arrival--huge mistake on our part--and wanted to share several small plates.  The menu is designed perfectly for this style of dining.  ALL of the food was INCREDIBLE!  But, as it got darker on the patio we couldn't see the food.  Sadly, we were disappointed with the Papparadelle because we couldn't see the prosciutto on the plate.  The prosciutto was the one flavor that really put the sauce out of this world flavor-wise.  Once I happened upon the salty cured meat, we couldn't get enough of the papparadelle--talking each other out of ordering a second serving.  So, as mentioned above, the lighting really makes a huge difference in the overall dining experience.

Service:  As you approach the host stand, you are cheerfully welcomed in and shown to your table.  The service was impeccable from start to finish.  Our server was a professional, his timing was perfect, and he was very personable.  Plates were cleared efficiently and each course was timed just right.  We were never kept waiting. The staff was friendly and attentive.

Value: Given the professionalism and food quality, I would say Fat Ox is definitely worth the price.  If you are celebrating or just having a nice date night,  this is the perfect place. You can tailor your meal (and therefore the resulting check) to your mood. We left very happy and didn't give the cost a second thought (***Andy did).

Overall, I highly recommend Fat Ox.  The extensive wine list, homemade pastas, addictive desserts, service, and setting rounded out to make a very special evening. Andy and I loved it and will return, hopefully starving, so we can sample even more of the offerings at Fat Ox.