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Reviewed By Leslie & Andy
I'm not sure if you noticed, but if not let me tell you: It's flippin' hot outside.  Not just hot, but muggy.  Like we should be in a humid state, not a desert state.  What's up with that? Last year, Andy and I swore the Monsoon was a myth.  I counted a grand total of 12 raindrops all last summer.  This year, we get rain every night!  I'm not complaining. But I am desperately searching for something to do inside, where my hair doesn't magically turn curly and my mascara isn't running down my face like I just opened the door to a steam room. I've been telling Andy about Wonderspaces since I added it to our list of things to do. Andy comes from an arty family. They're all artists, collectors of art, or both. I can't really art myself; but I bake, I make jewelry, I'm pretty good at doing my makeup, and I like looking at art.  So I thought Wonderspaces would be the perfect way to beat the heat. read more


Reviewed By Andy
The Trailhead Preserve at McDowell Mountain is an excellent hiking trail system just a little ways off of Hwy 101 and Pima Road. I originally hiked this trail system a few years ago on a visit and found it to be as easy or difficult as you choose. There is ample parking at the center when you arrive and there are restrooms and water fountains before you head up. Always bring lots of water with you! There is a nice complex at the base which was pretty much closed due to Covid but had some informational signs around the building. read more


Reviewed By Andy & Leslie
How about a fun date night! The waterfront at Tempe Town Lake is pretty happening, even after dark. When we arrived it was a bit confusing because the parking area was packed and people were heading in 10 different directions. We assumed that there was a parking lot for the specific activity we were focused on, and that was not the case. People show up to the town lake to then rent scooters and cruise along the river, or wander into town on foot, or venture to the water for a quick paddle about. read more