Dad's Modern Cocktails & Eatery

Reviewed By: Andy
Making your way in the world today...takes everything you've got...taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot...wouldn't you like to get away? Sometimes you want to Dad's. Right around the corner from everyone is great little pub with just the right amount of charm and a couple of Dads to feed you and create the perfect cocktail.
  Ambience:  "This sure seems familiar" you may say upon entering Dad's. This was the location of Fate Brewing and why fix something if it's not broken? The original bar is still there and functioning in its full glory. You can see one of the dads cooking in the back, just past the huge pizza oven. I hate the term man cave, but if they added a dart board, I would say "sophisticated pub with man cave accoutrement". A great place to watch sports, but not a sports bar. Dad's doesn't have the televisions lining the walls and the volume cranked to the next level. Expect to enjoy a conversation. Crazy, right?!?

Quality: Michael (one of the dads tending bar) is quite a skilled mixologist. I have had an old fashioned in probably a dozen restaurants in Scottsdale, and Dad's is at the top (make sure to have it smoked). They started making a Summer Shandy (mat not be on the menu) which is also fantastic and refreshing. Leslie is a huge fan of the Italian Grinder, not to be confused with the loose meat sandwich some mid-westerners may think of as a grinder. Layers of ham, chorizo, soppressata, mozzarella, veggies, and a vinaigrette dressing large enough for two. Their chicken sandwich looked amazing (but it was in front of someone else, so I politely did not take a bite) and their pizzas are excellent (and a great value). We split a charcuterie board and it was enough for 4 people. Excellent meats and cheeses, homemade peppers, and pickles with a fair amount of kick. The menu has a great mix of entrees to appeal to a broad range of palettes.

Service: If you sit at the bar be expected to get a big welcome on entry. Usually one of the dads and an additional bartender/waiter can handle the small dining room quite easily. Food wait times were short and drinks were concocted immediately.

Value: Since living in Scottsdale I have found the dining experience can add up quickly. Dad's is casual fare with a realistic price. $22 for a charcuterie board may seem steep, but not once you see the quantity piled on it. The sandwiches are big enough for two, but not outrageous. The plates are unique and with great flavors. If you want a small laid back casual joint to grab a bite or maybe watch the game, Dad's is well worth checking out.