The House Brasserie

Reviewed By: Andy n Leslie
We see tons of posts online by people saying, "I need to find a restaurant for a romantic evening out." Well, here you go! For starters the location is terrific. Stroll through Old Town until you see a cute little house with a tent out front that's even larger than the house. The house was built in 1939 and seems out of place as the rest of town has been built or rebuilt around it over the decades. The inside is cozy, Victorian inspired decor, dimly lit with beautiful wood trim.

Ambience: While we have seen tables of the business meeting types and family gatherings, you will more commonly see couples on dates, celebrating an anniversary or a birthday. It can be fairly loud, depending on the neighboring tables, because you are sharing close quarters in the dining room/bar area. There is also outdoor seating available under the tent which includes a beautiful fireplace. A nice, cozy spot for dessert and coffee.

Quality: The menu, touted as American with French influence, doesn't seem to be defined by a specific regional fare, as it also includes shishito peppers and a smattering of Mediterranean items. There are mains for most types of eaters. Vegetarians, pescatarians, and carnivores will find something appealing, such as Linz Umami Ribeye, Mediterranean Branzino or an Heirloom Cauliflower Steak. The food is beautifully plated and presented. Sadly, our photos don't do it justice.

Service: Once you sit down you will have a score of new House Brasserie friends. We chatted some of them up with questions about the restaurant and the food, and they were happy to oblige our curiosities. The staff was social while still being professional and well versed in the steps of service.

Value: This is tough to determine for a place like The House Brasserie. The food prices are expensive, and the prices of wine by the glass will knock your socks off, but you are also paying for the experience. There is an abundance of romance in this charming little house that is hard to put a price tag on. If you get into the math mindset, "I can order a glass of Orin Swift Papillon for $45/glass or stop at the liquor store and buy the bottle for $60 on my way home," then you've killed the romance--and probably should have opted for Mad Dog 20/20 and dined at Wendy's.

The House Brasserie is a bit of an experience. If the prices seem too high for your specific date night, maybe try to squeeze in before close for dessert (Warm Double Chocolate Brownie over Pretzel Ice Cream). While romance cannot be guaranteed, this is one of the best springboards to love (or at least food love) you will find in Scottsdale!