Coldwater Golf Club

Reviewed By: Andy
One thing I love about golf is being outdoors and getting to take in the beauty of a well manicured course. In the Scottsdale area I have found it is absolutely consistent that you pay for pretty. Coldwater is definitely not pretty. From the driving range that could pass for a dump site to the golf cart workers in their mullets and rocker tees, you get the immediate perception that your day is going to be less than enjoyable. But that was apparently me being a bit too judgy from the git go.

Scenery: Nothing to see here people, please move along. Can you say power lines?

Service: The guy in the pro shop was quite nice. The starter was crotchety and yelled at me for driving towards the number one tee box while people were on it. In my defense I know better than to drive up on people teeing off. The tee box was a good 100 feet from where I was. Then there were the guys shuffling the beat up golf carts around that looked like they were roadies for Molly Hatchet. Not a happy one in the bunch.

Variation: There is some subtle rolling of the fairways and a few hazards, but overall pretty open and dare I say, easy. There is a pond on number 18 and what could be best described as a swamp on number 8 but otherwise pretty dry and minimally dangerous.

Maintenance: This was all over the place. The greens were decent and a few fairways were in great shape, but for most of the fairways, if there was a war between the waste area and the grass, the grass was losing the battle. And what is with the practice green by the starter that is about the size of a VW Beetle?

Value: While a groan about the overall blah of Coldwater, it actually is a pretty good value as far as valley pricing goes.

Would I play there again? Yes. I think my expectations may have been a bit high on my initial visit. With expectations lowered I could certainly get even more enjoyment out of the Coldwater Golf Club. And now I also know if I run out of beer and smokes I can just drive my cart over the railroad tracks to the little liquor barn along Buckeye Road ;)