Casa Mia

Reviewed By: Andy & Leslie
When we first moved to Scottsdale we were on the lookout for a really good wood fired pizza. We thought we found one in CM2 Pizzeria, but every time we went by, the place was closed. This was not a COVID hours type thing, they just operate within the tiniest window: 5-8pm. What we realized when doing our multiple drive-by-leave-hungry routines, was that CM2 was an off-shoot of the restaurant next door, Casa Mia. We peeked through the glass--they only have slightly better operating hours 5-9pm--and thought, "Well that looks like a delightful little spot." We then thought if a business is only open for 24 hours in the entire week, it must be really special and, by golly, it was!

Ambience: Upon entering Casa Mia we were slightly underwhelmed by the decor. It seems just like what it is--a little mom-n-pop restaurant in a strip mall.  It is nicely decorated, kind of modern, and clean. The bar area is smallish, but always seems to have regulars drinking a glass of wine and chatting up the bartender.  We were greeted just inside the door by a friendly staff member and taken to our table pretty quickly.

Quality: Again, based on the location and the presumption, we were keeping our expectations in check. However, the menu begins to really make a statement. The dishes are authentic Italian pastas (I know this because the names were written in Italian.)  The menu features housemade pastas, Saltimbocca, and Salsiccia--homemade sausage over polenta. We've been to Casa Mia twice and continue to be impressed by the quality of the food.  They deliver a true dining experience from the housemade Burrata all the way to the delicious Pear Tart. I loved the Paccheri--a large tube shaped pasta served in a delicious housemade red sauce with homemade sausage and pecorino cheese.  Andy loved the Strascinati--a pasta similar to orecchiette served with broccoli and homemade sausage in a creamy cheese sauce. So good!! Absolutely fantastic. They also serve grass-fed beef, lamb, and boast locally sourced organic vegetables.  All fresh and made to order. Delicious!

Service: Our first visit to Casa Mia we were greeted and served by the same person. He seemed a little harried, but his service was on point. Upon further reading about the restaurant, I learned it is a family owned and operated spot. The family came to the United States from Italy in 1993.  They made no stops along the way, but hurried to Scottsdale where they intended to open a restaurant that served food just like they could get at home. Hence, the restaurant is named Casa Mia--my home. Subsequent visits to Casa Mia found a very professional, efficient staff. Providing ample bread, keeping your drinks filled, and the plates cleared. Overall, a visit to Casa Mia is very enjoyable.

Value: Many people would balk at a plate of pasta coming in at around $25.  Me, too! But the good!  The wine list is impressive. The desserts are outstanding. If we want to experience a restaurant but not the bank account strain, Andy and I have no trouble sharing entrees or maybe just heading in for Happy Hour or dessert. But, honestly, the authentic cuisine is not to be missed.

All in all, if you took your sweetheart to dinner at Casa Mia you would leave fat and happy. I know that was the ultimate goal for date night, wasn't it? We laughed our way through several courses, enjoyed glasses of wine, and we never turn down dessert. Andy feels we must go to Casa Mia weekly. He day dreams about homemade pasta and sauces. So we will definitely return again and again... We still haven't tried the pizza...