The Henry - Fox Restaurant Concepts

Reviewed By: Andy & Leslie
We spent Fall and Winter 2020 remodeling our home.  Fun!  You know what was even more fun?  Cooking in your choice of crockpot, rice cooker, or toaster oven in the living room on a card table, because the living room was the only room in the house that wasn't in a shambles and covered with dust.  Actually, the living room was dusty, too.  Andy could see that I was slowly losing my sanity. So we decided to take a break from the mess and spend the weekend, staycation style, in a nearby resort.  We'll cover the resort in another review.  What we will discuss today is The Henry.  The Henry is like walking into your rich uncle's study, if he had a chef and served food in his study... 

Ambience:  The building gives off a bit of an antique vibe, with dark woods, and beautiful furniture.  Though, it has some modern touches so it doesn't feel like you're eating at Grandma's house.  The bar is beautiful with fun blue leather chairs. There are a few awkward two top tables in the front of the restaurant.  They would be great if you were just having some coffee and a dessert, but seem uncomfortable for dinner.  We were originally seated at one of these tables, but opted to move to a booth.  The hosts were very accommodating and friendly.

Quality:  The food was really good.  I had Seared Ahi Tuna, which is served over green curry rice in a coconut lemongrass sauce. It was fantastic.  The sauce was just spicy enough to know it was there, but didn't take over the meaty tuna or delicate vegetables, mushrooms, and micro-greens.  Andy's entree was the Braised Short Rib, smothered in a lovely bourbon sauce with blue cheese and smashed potatoes worthy of a fistfight.  We each had a cocktail.  The cocktails are unique, hand crafted recipes.  The menu also boasts an extensive wine list and draught beers.  

Service:  The Henry prides itself on providing top tier service and our server was no exception. She had a great sense of humor and was willing to put up with our shenanigans. Her timing was spot on, dishes were cleared efficiently, and she had fantastic suggestions for each course from cocktails through dessert. 

Value:  The Henry is a more high-end restaurant and this is reflected in the pricing.  However, the quality of service and food is undeniable. In this case you certainly do get what you pay for. Andy and I truly enjoyed our visit.  We added The Henry to our list of special occasion restaurants that we keep in the back of our minds in case family comes to town or there is a birthday or anniversary to celebrate.  

Overall, we love The Henry! Everyone we have talked with regarding The Henry loves it, too.  Although, it is part of a chain of restaurants, Fox Restaurant Concepts has their ducks in a row when it comes to food and service. There are four Henrys in total, two in California, one in Texas and one in Arizona. We are fans of the Fox restaurants we have visited so far.