Reviewed By: Andy & Leslie
When it is late in the day on Saturday and you want to go to a nice restaurant that evening, chances are it may be hard to find a table. We checked out Open Table and Arrivederci had availability at all times. How could this be? The evening before Easter... Let's just say people may not be flocking to this North Scottsdale location.

Ambience: I was confused what sort of look they were going for. There was a Great Gatsby, meets Vidal Sassoon Salon, meets... well nothing Italian. We sat outside and they have dividing walls that pretty much give the feel that you are mostly inside. Never felt a "vibe" or a theme, just here is a table on a 3/4 enclosed patio

Quality: They have photos on their website of raviolis and other dishes which did not look similar to what we received. The dishes were not plated per-se but more just porcelain trays to hold the food plopped on there. No garnish, no sprinkle of spice, nada. The food was just ok. We did eat everything and did not find anything poorly made or bad, but just uninspired and lacking in flavor. We started with some escargot and pork wings (which are like little osso buccos that have been frenched). The wings were pretty good. They were slathered in a BBQ sauce, but cooked very tender with a nice crust on the outside. The escargot were...blah. Served in a little dish that had 6 indents for each snail. Sitting in a little pool of butter, they were cooked correctly but presented poorly. We were brought bread at the beginning and could have used some along with the meal...I mean that is the Italian way. For entrees we ordered a variety of pastas. All cooked well (minus Leslie's sausage which was a bit rubberized), but once again presented like it was served in the chow line.

Service: The service was above par. We were seated immediately and had drink orders in no time. Our server was on top of it and even brought us a dessert shot of Limoncello too soon. Which he then forgot and brought us another.

Value: The pasta dishes ranged from $18-25 and I would say they should have been priced between $15-20. Maybe there is a markup for being in North Scottsdale, but it may also have reflected that fact that getting a table there at the last minute was all too easy. I would like to see my dish with some garnish or at least some color. When the server asks if you want cheese, bring me the fresh parm and grinder, not a bowl of Kraft parmesan sprinkles and a spoon.

In summary, Arrivederci translates to "see you later" and I am thinking, maybe not...