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Reviewed By Andy
One thing I love about golf is being outdoors and getting to take in the beauty of a well manicured course. In the Scottsdale area I have found it is absolutely consistent that you pay for pretty. Coldwater is definitely not pretty. From the driving range that could pass for a dump site to the golf cart workers in their mullets and rocker tees, you get the immediate perception that your day is going to be less than enjoyable. But that was apparently me being a bit too judgy from the git go. read more


Reviewed By Andy n Leslie
For starters this is not in Scottsdale. It is West Valley and a fairly easy drive though, so it gets reviewed. The majority of the courses reviewed are public courses, but not necessarily municipal courses, and maybe that is the big problem with Cave Creek. As you roll into the property it is not obvious where you go. The pro shop site is up on a hill well past the parking lot. The parking was overflowing and much of that may have been that they do have a large driving range that most likely brings in lots of additional traffic, beyond the slated tee times. read more