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Date: December 2020


Reviewed By Andy & Leslie
We spent Fall and Winter 2020 remodeling our home.  Fun!  You know what was even more fun?  Cooking in your choice of crockpot, rice cooker, or toaster oven in the living room on a card table, because the living room was the only room in the house that wasn't in a shambles and covered with dust.  Actually, the living room was dusty, too.  Andy could see that I was slowly losing my sanity. So we decided to take a break from the mess and spend the weekend, staycation style, in a nearby resort.  We'll cover the resort in another review.  What we will discuss today is The Henry.  The Henry is like walking into your rich uncle's study, if he had a chef and served food in his study...  read more


Reviewed By Leslie & Andy
Sometimes when you are making your 47th trip to Floor & Decor to shop for travertine tiles that match the existing floor in your house, but you are feeling uninspired--because, really, how many times can you go to Floor & Decor without completely losing it in the grout isle--well, you come across free brussels sprouts and suddenly you feel renewed and ready to make your 48th trip.  This sounds like I totally made it up, but it's a true story.  And it all happened at The Macintosh. read more