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Reviewed By Leslie & Andy
One beautiful Spring day, we woke up early and looked at our phones to see if the end of the world came over night. Happily, the world still existed in its same ol same ol--the politics are still politics, the stock market is still cranking away, and the weather is still HOT.  However, this particular morning it hadn't made it out of the mid-seventies by 8 A.M. which gave us a great (looks like I spelled "terrible" wrong again) idea: let's walk to Old Town and get breakfast!! What could possibly go wrong on an 11 mile round trip walk in the early summer of Scottsdale, AZ?? So we did that. We walked into Old Town and found an awesome coffee shop which provided a lovely atmosphere to eat a healthy breakfast and to really concentrate on answering the question of our teetering sanity: Schmooze. read more