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Date: August 2021


Reviewed By Leslie & Andy
Sometimes we celebrate by going to a super fancy dinner.  This evening we were celebrating nothing in particular. Andy was leaving for a weekend golf trip with his buddies and he wanted to make sure I was well fed. So I didn't forget about him in the next few days...? Whatever the reason or lack thereof I'm here to tell you elements at Sanctuary Camelback is where you should be celebrating. PS: It may look like a typo, but the restaurant doesn't capitalize their name. So I'm not going to capitalize their name either.  You can direct your emails to the Grammar Police hotline. read more


Reviewed By Leslie & Andy
I'm not sure if you noticed, but if not let me tell you: It's flippin' hot outside.  Not just hot, but muggy.  Like we should be in a humid state, not a desert state.  What's up with that? Last year, Andy and I swore the Monsoon was a myth.  I counted a grand total of 12 raindrops all last summer.  This year, we get rain every night!  I'm not complaining. But I am desperately searching for something to do inside, where my hair doesn't magically turn curly and my mascara isn't running down my face like I just opened the door to a steam room. I've been telling Andy about Wonderspaces since I added it to our list of things to do. Andy comes from an arty family. They're all artists, collectors of art, or both. I can't really art myself; but I bake, I make jewelry, I'm pretty good at doing my makeup, and I like looking at art.  So I thought Wonderspaces would be the perfect way to beat the heat. read more


Reviewed By Andy
For starters... Verrado is not in Scottsdale. It's actually about a 45 minute drive from mid-Scottsdale and well worth it. My first impression of the Victory course is that someone dropped patches of sod in the middle of a gravel pit. My second impression was how cool it would be to play through patches of grass in a gravel pit! read more


Reviewed By Leslie & Andy
Before we left town for a month in June, we watched closely as two new restaurants were on the verge of opening in our neighborhood.  By the time we returned, both restaurants were up and running much to our delight.  Being our cousin and neighbor, Laura's, birthday it was time to try out Campo Italian Bistro & Bar.  Let's find out if we have yummy authentic Italian food within walking distance of our house. read more